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Castolin CastoJet® HVOF Powder 55396C

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Self-fluxing alloy – Nickel chromium silicon boron

55396C is mainly spherical powder manufactured by atomising a formulation of self-fluxing nickel based alloy. It has been developed for spraying with the CastoJet CJK5 system which is a High Pressure HVOF using kerosene as liquid fuel.

55396C powder is also suitable for other HVOF systems. 55396C sprayed coatings are dense and smooth with high bond strengths on a wide variety of metallic substrates. They resist exceptionally well to corrosion, low stress abrasion, fretting and particle erosion. It can be used for service temperatures up to 800°C.



Pump sleeves

Pump screws

Wear rings

Pump seals

Pusher rods

Exhaust fans

Capstan coiling drum

Ball valve

Run out table rollers

Chrome plating replacement

Buffering layer for HVOF carbides coatings


Technical data: 
Micro hardness ~ 750 HV1
Service temperature max 800°C (1470°F)
Bond strength (EN 582 1994): >70 MPa (>10,000 psi)
Deposition efficiency (EN ISO 17836 2004): ~ 56%
Porosity (image analysis) <0.5%
The above values depend on the spraying system and parameters used. Therefore measured coating properties may vary from above values.




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