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Castolin MigPulse 4003 HD

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The new generation of fully digital equipment


The HD 4003 is a MigPulse welding solution designed for heavy industrial use. This generator has a powerful inverter, is managed electronically by a microprocessor. You get a high quality welding and high precision in your welding process.


The MigPulse HD 4003 offers wide possibilities of applications thanks to its many features and technologies:


Source multiprocess MIG / MAG standard synergic Pulsed MIG and Double Pulse TIG DC, MMA.

Digital control: optimization of current forms of waves to better control of welding.

Welding modes to suit all types of applications: 2-stroke, 4 special time and spot welding.

Aluminum special mode allows better control of welding (4T) by starting the overcurrent setting and fainting at the end of welding.

Technology PFC (Power Factor Control), the HD 4003 MIGPulse complies with EN 61000-3-12 limiting current harmonics.

Hot-Start Function: Optimizes boot with Startup overcurrent

Crater filler Function: Fill end crater to eliminate cracks primers.

Possibility to adjust the hardness and arc length 99 synergic MIG / MAG available

Can store up to 100 points of operation, saving time in recurring jobs.

Capable and robust wire feed system with 4 wheels of 40 mm in diameter.

Easy to use control panel and easy to adjust. It features three touch-sensitive keys and displays.


Technical data: 
Installation Max. 12 KW
Open circuit voltage 70V
Power consumption (100%) 12.4 KVA
Welding current 10A – 380A
Duty cycle (40 ° C) MIG-MAG 380A 40%
Duty cycle (40 ° C) MIG-MAG 340A 60%
Duty cycle (40 ° C) MIG-MAG 100% 310A
Roll diameter 300 mm
Wire diameter 0.8 to 1.6 mm
Protection sign S IP23
Weight 122 Kg
Dimension 588x1087x1396



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